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Daimler Trucks


Growth in sales to 126,100 units (Q2 2013: 123,800)
Actros, Antos and Arocs voted “Best Commercial Vehicles”
FUSO Super Great V sets new standards for economy
EBIT of €455 million (Q2 2013: €434 million)

D.05                                                              Q2

Amounts in millions of euros Q2 2014 Q2 2013 % change
EBIT 455 434 +5
Revenue 7,966 7.965 +0
Unit sales 126,066 123,763 +2
Production 127,651 127,401 +0
Employees 83,960 79,020* +6
* As of December 31, 2013.

D.06                                                              Q2

Unit sales Q2 2014 Q2 2013 % change
Total 126,066 123,763 +2
Western Europe 13,241 14,270 -7
NAFTA region 41,142 34,924 +18
Latin America (excluding Mexico) 11,931 16,051 -26
Asia 42,838 41,955 +2
Other markets 16,914 16,563 +2
BFDA (Auman Trucks) 31,242 28,229 +11
Total (including BFDA) 157,308 151,992 +3

Slight growth in unit sales and EBIT

Daimler Trucks’ second-quarter unit sales were 2% above the prior-year level at 126,100 vehicles. Revenue of €8.0 billion was at the prior-year level. EBIT amounted to €455 million (Q2 2013: €434 million), including expenses of €71 million for workforce adjustments in Brazil.

Heterogeneous market developments

The development of demand and unit sales in the individual regions differed greatly also in the second quarter. In Western Europe, sales of 13,200 units were below the prior-year level, primarily due to purchases brought forward to the end of 2013 before the introduction of Euro VI emission limits. At the same time, we increased the market share of our Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the medium- and heavy-duty segment by 2.2 percentage points to 26.2%. In Latin America, the current economic situation continued to have a negative impact on demand for trucks. Our sales of 11,900 units in that market were 26% below the prior-year level. Despite the difficult market environment, we were able to improve our market position in Brazil and achieved a market share of 25.7% (Q2 2013: 24.9%) in the medium- and heavy-duty segment.

In the NAFTA region, increased market demand led to growth in unit sales of 18% to 41,100 vehicles. Our market share in Class 6-8 was 36.0% (Q2 2013: 38.3%). We were thus able to clearly defend our market leadership once again. In Asia, sales of 42,800 units in a very disparate market environment were slightly higher than in the second quarter of last year. With sales of 8,900 units in the overall Japanese truck market, we sold rather more FUSO trucks than in the prior-year period and thus increased our market share to 21.4% (Q2 2013: 19.9%). Also in India, we succeeded once again in increasing the market share of our BharatBenz vehicles in the medium- and heavy-duty segment, thus defending our fourth position in the market.

BharatBenz Customer Testimonial

Positive effects from Daimler Trucks #1

By the end of the second quarter of 2014, our efficiency and growth program Daimler Trucks #1 had already achieved approximately 50% of its overall target of €1.6 billion. This means we are well on the way to realizing 70-80% of the total volume by the end of 2014, as planned. We continue to work hard in all regions on the implementation of more than 10,000 individual measures.

Best trucks award for Mercedes-Benz Actros, Antos and Arocs

The EuroTransportMedia publishing house carries out an annual readers’ vote on the best commercial vehicles. Our renewed top places in this survey prove that the Mercedes-Benz Actros is the best long-distance truck, convincing customers and drivers alike. The Mercedes-Benz Antos was voted the best local-delivery truck and the Mercedes-Benz Arocs was the winner in the category of tipper trucks up to 32 tons.

Super Great V: the champion of long-distance transport

The new Super Great V heavy-duty truck from FUSO sets new standards for economy: Its fuel consumption is up to 10% better than that of the trucks currently offered in the Japanese market. This is primarily due to the optimized engine, which is based on Daimler Trucks’ heavy-duty engine platform.

D.07                                                          Q1-2

Amounts in millions of euros Q1-2 2014 Q1-2 2013 % change
EBIT 796 550 +45
Revenue 15,087 14,989 +1
Unit sales 234,595 225,196 +4
Production 249,745 238,551 +5
Employees 83,960 79,020* +6
* As of December 31, 2013.

D.08                                                          Q1-2

Unit sales Q1-2 2014 Q1-2 2013 % change
Total 234,595 225,196 +4
Western Europe 24,873 26,238 -5
NAFTA region 75,700 65,566 +15
Latin America (excluding Mexico) 22,082 29,038 -24
Asia 83,478 77,176 +8
Other markets 28,462 27,178 +5
BFDA (Auman Trucks) 57,885 51,230 +13
Total (including BFDA) 292,480 276,426 +6
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